Registration of Birth


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Registration of Birth, issue of Birth Certificate and passport for a child born in the UAE

  • Registration of the birth of a child born in Dubai or any other Northern Emirates should be done with the Consulate General of India , Dubai within a period of 1 year from the date of birth.
  • Copy of application submitted online for Registration of Birth with original photograph of the child pasted & signature of parents at designated places in the printed form. Online Registration is a mandatory process and the file # is a mandatory document to be attached along with the application when submitting to BLS. The application is to be submitted online at either of the following link: (click last bullet *Registration of birth of a minor child at an indian consulate under section 4(1) of the citizenship act,1955) OR OR The detailed instructions can be seen at:
  • Application in EAP I form duly filled in and signed by both the parents and complete in all respects.
  • 3 recent clear photos 51mm*51mm with white/light background and DARK DRESS and frontal view.Ears, forehead & chin to be completely visible. Eyes should be open. No Kajal Marks on face are allowed.
  • Birth Certificate of the child in original duly authenticated and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Health of the Government of UAE, along with its photocopy. Authentic English translation of the Birth Certificate if the original birth certificate is in Arabic.
  • Copy of the Marriage Certificate of the parents
  • Personal presence of both the parents with the child is mandatory.
  • Thumb Impression should be in DARK BLACK INK and should not touch the lines of the box.
  • Present valid passports of both the parents (in original) and clear photocopy of all relevant passport pages (First 2 pages, last two pages including ECR/ECNR page and any other endorsement/observation pages and page containing valid UAE visa).
  • Copy of Emirates IDs of both the parents
  • For new born baby's application it is mandatory to have the endorsement of spouse name in at least one of the parent's passport.
    • If none of the parent passports are endorsed with spouse name in each other's passport, prior approval from CGI Dubai is required. One can apply for new born baby's passport only once parent receive the passport from CGI Dubai, after adding spouse's name in the passport. Addition of spouse name should be done by following the procedure outlined in "New Passport Endorsement of spouse name in passport"
    • If both parents are ready to endorse spouse name in each other's passport then prior approval from CGI Dubai is not required. One can apply for new born baby's passport only once parents receive their passport from CGI Dubai, after adding spouse's name in the passport. adding spouse name should be done by following the procedure outlined in "New Passport Endorsement of spouse name in passport"
  • If both the parents are holding different address in their passports written NOC required from other parent.(Eg: If father's address to be updated in new born baby's passport then NOC from mother is required.)
  • For New born child name initials are not allowed in the birth certificate. If there is any initial in the name, then the birth certificate has to be changed with full name.
  • If parents want to continue with the initials in baby's passport in that case ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) declaration to be provided along with application (stating that they are aware, as per International Civil Aviation Organization initials are not allowed in passport and in future if applicant facing any issues they will take the responsibility)
  • In the Birth certificate if surname is not added & in the new passport it needs to be added then a DECLARATION signed by both the parent is required. The surname should reflect in any one of the parent's name as per their passport. The surname should be mentioned on the online registration and passport application form.
  • In case father of the child is presently staying outside UAE, then Original Annexure 'D' signed by parent who staying abroad is required.
  • Parents needs to update UAE address in New born baby's passport then Registered rent agreement from the parent staying UAE for more than one year needs to be provided.
  • If one of the parents is a non Indian,
    • New Born application can be accepted with a request letter signed by both the parents.
    • If the child registration is not happened within a period of One Year from the date of birth, original NOC from the Embassy/Consulate of the country to which that parent belongs stating that – "CHILD HAS NOT BEEN REGISTERED NOR ACQUIRED ANY NATIONALITIES NOR ISSUED A PASSPORT TO THE CHILD" is required. Prior approval from the CGI Dubai is required.

Note : Abu Dhabi/Al-Ain visa holders applying at centre in Dubai/Northern Emirates should provide the address proof in their name for the residency in Dubai/Northern Emirates i.e. Tenancy Contract/Electricity Bill. For Dependants photo testified letter from the sponsor with the details of the accommodation mentioned and tenancy contract in the sponsor's name along with passport copy of the sponsor is required. If residing in company's accommodation then photo testified letter from the company (in English) on company letter head stating that their Visa is from Abu Dhabi but currently working and residing in Dubai/Northern Emirates.
Note: (All photo testified letters should have applicants photograph pasted on it and sponsor's signature /company seal should be across applicants photograph)

  • BLS International offers "Other Services" for the Convenience of applicants at centers.
  • For Registration of birth – 95 AED
  • Passport fees – 171 AED
  • For Tatkal Service -836 AED
  • BLS Service Charge – 9 AED
  • Indian community welfare fund – 8 AED
  • Minimum 5 working days.
  • Tatkal scheme – in Minimum 2 working days

Processing time and validity of the passport is under the sole discretion of Consulate General of India, DUBAI