Endorsement of spouse name in passport Issuing New Passport

Services Documents Required Fees Processing Time Form
Endorsement of spouse name in passport Issuing New Passport
  • Application form (EAP–I External). All particulars in the application should tally with those in the present passport.
  • Personal Particulars Form in triplicate (3nos) with photo pasted on each on them.
  • 6 recent clear photos 51mm*51mm (not older than three months, no uniform) with white background and DARK DRESS with frontal view. Ears, eyes open, forehead to chin to be completely visible, no shadows on the face and neck, no reflections on the glasses.
  • Signature should be in DARK BLACK INK and should not touch the lines of the box.
  • Present Passport in original with clear photocopy (of first, last, address page if separate page, any other endorsement pages and visa page with additional booklets, if any.
  • Personal appearance of applicant is compulsory to establish physical identity
  • Photo ID card copy (Driving License, Emirates Id Card, Health Card, Labour Card, Election Commission card...etc.)
  • Any Changes/Corrections to be amended in the passport should be accompanied with documentary evidence, request letter with proper explanation and prior approval required from Consulate General of India, Dubai along with instruction note from BLS.
  • Applicants holding passports in which Place of Issue, Place of Birth or Permanent Address is from J & K or Srinagar, Personal Particulars form in Triplicate with photo pasted on each of them is required along with application. Processing time will be Minimum 5 Working Days and no TATKAL Service.

Note : Abu Dhabi/Al-Ain visa holders applying at centre in Dubai/Northern Emirates should provide the address proof in their name for the residency in Dubai/Northern Emirates i.e. Tenancy Contract/Electricity Bill. For Dependants photo testified letter from the sponsor with the details of the accommodation mentioned and tenancy contract in the sponsor's name along with passport copy of the sponsor is required. If residing in company's accommodation then photo testified letter from the company (in English) on company letter head stating that their Visa is from Abdu Dhabi but currently working and residing in Dubai/Northern Emirates.

NOTE : (All photo testified letters should have applicants photograph pasted on it and sponsor's signature /company seal should be across applicants photograph)

  • BLS International offers "Other Services" for the Convenience of applicants at centers.


  • For Adults (36 Pages Booklet) Fee- 285 AED
  • For Adults (60 Pages jumbo booklet) – 380 AED
  • For Tatkal Service – 855 AED
  • For Tatkal Services – 950 AED (60 Pages)
  • BLS Service Charge – 9 AED
  • Indian community welfare fund – 8 AED
  • 5 Working if issued at Dubai
  • Passport issued by others PIAs – 5 Working Days.
  • Passport under Tatkal Service - 2 Working Days.

Processing time and validity of the passport is under the sole discretion of CGI DUBAI