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Business Visa

General Information

Business Visa is granted to a foreign national who wants to visit India to establish an industrial/business venture or to explore possibilities to set up industrial/business venture, or wants to purchase/sell industrial products in India. This Visa is granted subject to following conditions:

  • The applicant is a person of assured financial standing and expertise in the field of the intended business.
  • The applicant is not visiting India for the business of money-lending or petty-trading, or for a full time employment in India involving payment of salary in India etc.
  • The facility of Business Visa is also extended to senior executives of firms, experts, tour conductors and travel agents, etc., visiting India in connection with work related to projects of national importance, including those undertaken by public sector undertakings, and conducting business tours of foreigners or business relating to it, etc.
  • A foreign national will have to comply with all other requirements like payment of tax liabilities etc.
  • The grant of Business Visa is subject to any instructions issued by the Government of India on the basis of reciprocity with other foreign countries from time to time.
  • The Business Visa must be issued from the country of origin, or from the country of domicile of the foreigner provided the period of permanent residence of that applicant in that particular country is for more than 2 years.

Select your desired visa type from the list given below, to get the detailed information required for each visa category -

Type of Visa Purpose Documents Required

Business visa

Issued to persons, intended to travel to India for business purposes

  • Properly filled up online application form with 2 signatures (
  • 2 recent Passport size photos(51mm x 51mm) not older than Three months, no uniform ,with white background , DARK DRESS and frontal view. Eyebrows should be visible. Ears, forehead, chin to be completely visible. Clarity of the photo is very important - Edited, blurred or unclear photos should not be accepted
  • Original passport with photocopy of current and old passports with valid UAE residence visa page (Current & Old UAE visa page copy to prove more than 2 years residence in UAE).
  • Letter of Invitation from the company in India stating the purpose of visit and details of UAE Company.
  • Trade license copy of Indian company (Certificate of Incorporation).
  • Original Local company letter giving the position of applicant in the company, the reason for the visit with particulars of companies to be visited and it has mentioned that company will take entire responsibility and expense for the travel.
  • Valid Trade License Copy of the Local Company.
  • If applicant is going for Recruitment purpose it should be clearly mentioned in both Indian and UAE company letter.
  • Fax Form (If not completed 2 years residence in UAE).
  • One original and one copy of all documents  for business visa


  • Non Residents are not eligible to apply for Business Visa.
  • Applicants applying for India Visa to ensure that the signature on the application matches the signature on their passport.
  • Applicants from countries like Yemen, Jordan and Palestine will have to be physically present at the center while submitting their Indian Visa application.

BLS International offers "Other Services" for the Convenience of applicants at centers.

Please ensure the following while submitting your Indian visa application.

  • Original passport and photocopies of relevant pages
  • 6 months validity should be there in the passport
  • Minimum 2 blank visa pages in the passport
  • GCC nationals must provide a copy of a valid Emirates ID and previous Emirates ID issued from UAE to prove more than 2 year completion in UAE.
  • Applicant holding residence visa other than Abu Dhabi/Al Ain should produce their proof of residence in Abu Dhabi. The same can be done providing anyone of the following documents.
  • Company letter stating that he/she works in Abu Dhabi/Al-Ain branch in company letter head from Abu Dhabi/Al-Ain. Company letter should have AUH branch stamp on it. In case of sister concern company or client company it should be clearly mentioned in letter.
  • Valid Tenancy contract in Abu Dhabi/Al-Ain under applicant/parent/spouse name (Birth Certificate/Marriage Certificate copy in English is required to prove the same).
  • Recent Etisalat Bill / Water or Electricity bill from Abu Dhabi/Al-Ain under applicant/parent/spouse name (Birth Certificate/Marriage Certificate copy in English is required to prove the same).
  • The validity of the visa is effective from the date of issue.
  • The Embassy reserves the right to ask for additional documents.
  • Submission of application along with prescribed fee does not guarantee issuance of visa.
  • Applicants are requested NOT to finalize their travel plans before their applications have been accepted by the Indian Visa Application Centre for issuing the required visa.

Eligibility for Business Visa

  • Foreign nationals who want to visit India to establish industrial/business venture or to explore possibilities to set up industrial/business venture in India.
  • Foreign nationals coming to India to purchase/sell industrial products or commercial products or consumer durables.
  • Foreign nationals coming to India for technical meetings/discussions, attending Board meetings, general meetings for providing business services support.
  • Foreign nationals coming to India for recruitment of manpower.
  • Foreign nationals who are partners in the Business and/or functioning as Directors in the company.
  • Foreign nationals coming to India for consultations regarding exhibitions, for participation in exhibitions, trade fairs, business fairs, etc.
  • Foreign buyers who come to transact business with suppliers/ potential suppliers at locations in India, to evaluate or monitor quality, give specifications, place orders, negotiate further supplies etc., relating to goods or services procured from India.
  • Foreign experts/specialists on a visit of short duration in connection with an ongoing project with the objective of monitoring the progress of the work, conducting meetings with Indian customers and/or to provide some high level technical guidance.
  • Foreign nationals coming to India for pre-sales or post-sales activity not amounting to actual execution of any contract or project.
  • Foreign Trainees of multinational companies/corporate houses coming for in-house training in the regional hubs of the concerned company located in India.
  • Foreign students sponsored by AIESEC for internship on project based work in companies/industries
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