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Preparing Your Passport Application

This page provides information to be followed while preparing your passport application form.

The prospective applicants are requested to go through the guidelines for the applicable passport services, documents and passport fee before submitting the application at BLS International Service Centers, UAE.

Passport Application

  1. For Passport Application forms, Click here.
  2. For your convenience BLS International Service Centers provide Other Services like Passport form filling, Photography (exception : No new born photographs are taken at the center), photocopy which can be availed at all BLS International Services center.
  3. Please note that whitener or white ink cannot be used for correcting information on the passport application form.
  4. Signature or thumb impression will have to be done in front of the Customer Service Officer at BLS International Service Center while submitting the application form.
  5. Please ensure that the details filled in the passport application are as per the existing passport.
  6. Any changes to be made on the new passport will require the prospective applicant to choose the right passport service and the requisite documents to be submitted along with the passport application form.
  7. To know more about the Passport Application Form and its requirements, please visit
    Passport Requirement for EOI, Abu Dhabi
    Passport Requirement for CGI, Dubai
  8. To know more about the applicable fee for each passport service, Click here.


  1. Photographs – Size, Style and Lighting:
    1. Size:
      1. 51mm x 51mm.
    2. Style:
      1. Face should be directly facing the camera (frontal view) while taking the photograph (portrait style).
      2. Close up of head and top of shoulders so that face takes up 70 - 80% of the photograph.
      3. Skin tone should be natural on the photograph.
      4. Both shoulders to be visible
      5. Eyes should be open and clearly visible (No hair across the eyes), including infants and minors.
      6. Photograph should have a WHITE background with Dark Color Dress. ( recent Not older than 3 months - No uniform)
      7. All photographs submitted along with the application should be same.
    3. Lighting:
      1. Sharp focus and clear photograph.
      2. Photograph should have appropriate brightness and contrast at high resolution.
      3. Photograph should be taken with uniform lighting and not show shadows or flash reflections on the face & no red eye.
  2. Photographs - Spectacles and head covers:
    1. If wearing Spectacles:
      1. The photograph must show the eyes clearly with no flash reflection of the glass or tinted lenses (if possible avoid heavy framed glasses to be worn)
      2. Make sure that frames do not cover any part of the eyes.
    2. Head coverings:
      1. Head covering are not permitted except for religious reasons, but the facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of the face must be clearly shown.
      2. Accepted head covering are for Male Sikhs, Muslim Ladies and Muslim Male Maulana's for passport photographs. This is not applicable for applicants applying for Indian Visa.
      3. In case of head coverings for medical reasons, relevant medical documents and approval from Consulate General of India, Dubai need to be provided along with the passport applications
    3. Expression and frame:
      1. Photograph should be of self, should not include chair backs, toys or other people visible at the background.
      2. No edited photographs will be accepted.
  1. To know more about Other Services, Click here
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