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Emergency Certificate

Emergency certificate is issued to an Indian national for his / her return back to India in a situation when a person does not have any valid travel document or he/ she is an illegal resident in the UAE. No passport shall ordinarily be issued in such cases.

The person shall be issued an Emergency Certificate after verification of his / her personal particulars and after his / her claim to be an Indian citizen is fully established through documents or by concerned Indian authorities.

Documents to be submitted for getting an Emergency Certificate

  1. Online Emergency Certificate Application form.(http://embassy.passportindia.gov.in)
  2. Three latest (3 months old) passport size photographs (51mm * 51mm, full frontal view of face against white background. Please refer to Photograph guidelines)
  3. Original passport / copy of the previous passport or details of the previous passport.
  4. If passport or passport copy in not available, any other photo identity document like driving license, election card, ration card with photograph, nativity certificate issued by the local state authorities in India verifying applicant's antecedents, etc. held by the applicant to establish his identity and nationality.
  5. Physical presence of the applicant is mandatory while applying or submitting the Emergency Certificate application.
  6. For applicants convenience BLS International Services centers provide Other Services like: Form filling; Photography, Photo Copy which can be availed at all BLS International Services centers
  7. The Fee for this Service is AED 60/-
  8. Processing Time: It is subject to verification of documents submitted by the applicant as proof of his Indian nationality.