Important notices and latest news

Applicants holding passports (Minor & Adult Passports): With effect from 12th May, 2015

BLS Center timing has been revised during the month of RAMADAN, Please visit our Contact us page for more details

On the occasion of Ascension Day - Al Isra'a Wal Mi'raj all the BLS International Service Centers across UAE shall remain closed on 5th May, 2016.

2015-05-13 10:15:00

Where Place of Issue, Place of Birth or Permanent Address is from J & K or Srinagar - kindly attach Personal Particulars form along with application, 7 working days irrespective of the passport issuance (Dubai, GCC, India, Other Countries), except for RCNP applications (no need to attach Personal Particulars form) processing time will be 10 working days. No tatkal services are provided for these applications.

Damage Passport : With effect from 12th May 2015.

2015-05-13 10:15:00

If VISA page is not clear & visible, Photo testified letter from the sponsor and Valid Trade License copy is required (In case of dependant’s sponsor’s passport copy is required).

Lost Passport : With effect from 12th May 2015

2015-05-13 10:15:00

Photo testified letter from the sponsor and Valid Trade License copy is required .In case of dependant’s sponsor’s passport copy is required. (If the Visa page is not available, prior approval from CGI Dubai is required).

Initial expansion: Effective 20th May 2015

2015-05-13 10:15:00

As per the instructions from the Consulate General of India Dubai, with effective from 20/05/2015, expansion of initials is not mandatory in Last Cover Page.(parents and spouse name)

Applicant who wishes to expand initials will follow the normal procedure and submit all supporting documents.

Minors eligibility to apply for 10 years validity Passport: Effective from 21st May, 2015

2015-05-13 10:15:00

On completion 15 Years of age irrespective of the Passport’s place of Issue - in such cases it is mandatory to attach both Parents Passport Copy and Signature on the application.

Damaged & Lost Passport : Effective 25th May, 2015

2015-05-13 10:15:00

No Tatkal services are available for reissue of Damaged & Lost Passport.

All the applicants who wish to apply for an Indian Passport, are requested to visit this section of the website for regular information regarding any changes / updates in the passport rules and fee schedule.

Note: Indian citizens in UAE holding handwritten and 20-year passports with validity beyond November 24, 2015will have to apply for Machine Readable Passports (MRP)."From November 25, 2015 onwards foreign governments may deny visa or entry to INDIAN CITIZENS travelling with a non- MRP passport".

"Effective 22nd September 2014 all Miscellaneous services such as (Spouse name endorsement, Deletion of Spouse name, Endorsement for Change of Address, Extension of Validity and Cancellation of ECR Endorsement) will have to apply for New Passport and pay the complete fees and No Endorsements Services would accepted."

If there are initials in the parents name or spouse name the same needs to be expanded with a proper proof either birth certificate, marriage certificate, educational certificate.etc (eg:as its understood that if an applicant has a passport so it’s obvious for him/her to have their birth certificate and so on), the proof has to be accepted along with a self declaration, the name in the proof and the applicants passport should tally in the same order.  Just in case if there is no proof for parents name then the applicant needs to gets a Sworn Affidavit stating the initial expansion. Also in case of spouse name if there is no proof first they need to get prior approval from CGI then Sworn Affidavit stating the initial expansion).

ICWF (Indian Community Welfare Fund) Charges: Effective from 17th May 2015

2015-05-13 10:15:00

(In All Passport Requirement Types/Category) Update ICWF ( Indian Community Welfare Fund) Rate revision in All Passport types of CGI Dubai & Embassy Abu Dhabhi. ( ie. ICWF Charges reduced from AED 10 to AED 6)