The individuals who are staying illegally in the country can avail amnesty from August 1st 2018 to October 31st 2018.

General documents required to be submitted for issuance of Emergency Certificate (EC) 

  1. Duly accurate, fully completed and legible Emergency Certificate Application form.
  2. Three recent clear photographs 51mm X 51mm (not older than 3 months) with white background and dark dress frontal view.
  3. Original passport / copy of the previous passport or details of the previous passport. Applicant holding only passport details/passport copy, are requested to duly fill the Personal Particular Form in triplicate (For Dubai, Sharjah & Northern Emirates) with photo pasted on each. 
  4. Note: For EOI Abu Dhabi/Al-ain - Personal Particular Form in duplicate with photo pasted on each is required, if there is no original passport/passport copy.

  5. If original passport or passport copy is not available then original/photo copy of any other photo identity document like Aadhar Card, driving license, voter ID card, ration card with photograph.
  6. If passport/ID copy is not available then Ministry of External Affairs attested original domicile/nativity certificate (Online certificate also can be accepted) issued by the concerned state authorities in India can be provided along with EC application to establish his/her identity and nationality.
  7. Police FIR in Arabic and Legal English Translation is required if original passport is not available. Self-attested letter / declaration stating that the passport lost has to be provided along with the application.
  8. Note: For EOI Abu Dhabi/Al-ain

  9. If the applicant has an expired EC with which he is applying now, then a copy of POLICE FIR done at the time of obtaining earlier EC should be provided. In case FIR was not registered previously for loss of passport while obtaining EC, a FIR needs to be registered before applying for fresh EC.
  10. An undertaking letter is required from the applicant stating that his/her passport is not held by the Police authority, any court or Immigration authorities in the U.A.E.
  11. Applicant needs to give an undertaking that No case is pending against him in the U.A.E.
  12. Individual is required in person while applying for Emergency Certificate application.
  13. If applicant’s passport is held by the Sponsor.
    • Applicant has to visit the local police to complaint.
    • The local police will either speak to the Sponsor to facilitate or issue a letter accordingly.
    • Only with the police letter he can visit us for submitting the EC application.  
  14. If child is minor having multinational parents, and does not have a valid passport.
    • The Indian Parent has to be physically present with the child to submit the application with all the requirements as specified.
  15. Public dealing for Amnesty at Consulate will be till business hours of the consulate.
  16. Applicant who claims of having no Indian ID in UAE, he will have to contact his home in India and get some document to prove his identity. Post which he can submit the application with personal particulars form and undertaking. If he is declaring passport as lost then the requisite documents will be required to be submitted.

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