FAQs on UAE Amnesty 2018

Q) Violators of what time period can avail Amnesty 2018?
A) Any Visa violator before August 1st, 2018 can avail Amnesty 2018. Any violator after July 31st 2018 shall be charged.

Q: Where to be approached (location of Immigration centers)
A: Dubai: Al Awir Immigration
Abu Dhabi: Shahama, Al Ain and Al Gharbiya
Other Emirates: Respective Immigration Centres

Q) What are the options available under Amnesty 2018?
A)  i)       Exiting the country legally with a prescribed fee.
ii)    Stay in the country and avail 6-month visa with a prescribed fee, during which they can find their sponsor or register in MoHRE’s website for jobs.
iii) If during this 6-month period he finds a sponsor on their own, they can renew the Visa.
iv)Get their names removed from Absconder’s list with a prescribed fee.

Q) Will I get a job for sure if I register in MoHRE’s website?
A) The names registered in the MoHRE’s website will be given preference for jobs, but there is no certainty of getting a job.

Q) Those who would like to change their visas status; time period to regularize visa status
A) They can regularize their visas within Amnesty period.

Q) Can the scheme be availed if the violator has fines other than that of overstaying?
A) Yes, however fines other than that of overstaying will not be waived off.

Q) What to do in case a person stays for 6 months in UAE according to the scheme and fails to find a job or sponsor?
A) He/She shall leave UAE before the expiration of 6 months. However, he/she can come to UAE again for visit/employment purposes.

Q) Can an absconder exit country without ban? 
A) An absconder can exit UAE without getting ban by paying a fee of AED 500.

Q) Can an absconder change his sponsor staying in UAE?
A) An absconder can change his sponsor staying in UAE by paying requisite fees and getting his/her name removed from Absconder List.

Q) Can a person who has been banned from UAE in the past avail this scheme?
A) Yes, they can approach to visit/seek employment in UAE through normal existing procedures; their entry will be considered after scrutiny on case to case basis; and those banned on criminal/drug related cases will not be permitted to enter UAE.

Q) Can someone who is in Jail avail this scheme?
A) Yes, only those who are inside Jail for charges of overstaying. People in jail for any other crime shall serve their period.

Q) What to do in case someone has lost his passport and his Visa has also expired and have not filed a police report?
A) He/She can file a police report without being charged for overstaying.

Q) Whether full fine will be waived?
A) Only overstaying fine will be waived.

Q) Documents to be submitted for exit pass?
A) Original passport or Emergency Certificate.

Q) My passport and Visa have expired, whether should I obtain an EC or renew my passport?
A) For exiting country: EC
For staying in country: Passport

Q) My passport is expired, in how many days will I get my new passport?
A) Minimum 5 Working days. In case there is any delay the person concerned will be updated accordingly.

Q) What documents do I need to renew my passport?
A) i) Expired Original passport, expired not more than 6 months with photocopy of first two pages, last two pages and Visa stamped pages.
ii) 5 recent photographs with white background of size 51mm x 51mm in full frontal face view.
iii) Application form with details matching the old passport.
iv) Any change with respect to old passport must be   supported by relevant documents
v) Personal Particular Form in case old passport is issued by other Passport Issuing Authority.
vi) Physical presence.

Q) Where can I download the required Application form for Passport/EC?

Q) What additional documents I need in case my passport is expired more than 6 months? In how much time will I get my passport?
A)           Expiration period between 6 months and 3 years: - A sworn Affidavit facilitated through IVS Global ( stating the reason for delay of renewal. The new Passport will be available in minimum 5 working days.

               For passports expired more than 3 years:- - A sworn Affidavit facilitated through IVS Global stating the reason for delay of renewal . The processing of passport will take around 45 days as the approval is required from competent authority. Such applicants are requested to apply early keeping in view the approval time.

Q) Will I get my passport in 5 working days positively?
A) In most cases the passport can be obtained in minimum 5 working days. In case there is any delay the person concerned will be updated accordingly.

Q) In how many days will an EC be issued?
A) In normal cases an EC will be issued in minimum 3 working days. In case there is any delay the person concerned will be updated accordingly.

Q) What are the documents required to obtain an EC?
A) i)Duly accurate, fully completed and legible Emergency Certificate Application form.
ii) Three latest (not more than 3 months old from the date of application) passport size photographs (51mm X 51mm), showing full frontal view of face against white background.
iii) Original passport / copy of the previous passport or details of the previous passport.
iv) If passport or passport copy in not available, original/photo copy of any other photo identity document like Aadhar Card, driving license, voter ID card, ration card with photograph, domicile/nativity certificate issued by the concerned state authorities in India etc. held by the applicant can be provided along with EC application to establish his/her identity and nationality.
v) Physical presence.

Q) Time period to get exit pass?
A) After completion of finger and eye tests, exit permit will be issued without delay.

Q) Time period to exit the country after issuance of exit permit.
A)  After issuance of exit permit the individual should exit the country within maximum 10 days. A special consideration of 5 days can be obtained from the Airport Immigration in case there are no seats available in flights or due to any other genuine reasons.

Q) Can those who have pending court cases utilize this opportunity?
A) If there is court case, clearance should be obtained from the court. The Immigration will consider only overstay issues.

Q) Those who can’t come to the Immigration directly (hospital cases, old age, injuries etc.) can any representative approach?
A) The Immigration will issue exit permit for such cases based on the medical report/request letter from the Embassy.

Q) Cases of passports already submitted in the Immigration, how the individual can confirm and collect?
A) They have system to locate passport if it is submitted in any Immigration office and will hand over to the holder immediately.

Q) Those who have absconding report will they be exempted from life time ban?
A) The Immigration will remove absconding and will issue exit permit
without ban with payment of AED.500/-as immigration fee.

Q) Family cases: Husband has police case/unknown whereabouts, whether only family can approach
A) The family can approach directly for exit permit.



For further clarifications please contact:

BLS International
Contact No: 043875667 / 043875777 (0800 hrs to 2000 hrs, except Friday)


Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi

Contact No: 02 449 2700 / 056 262 2118 (08000 hrs to 2000 hrs)

Consulate General of India, Dubai
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